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Can Machine Talk Replace Human Conversations? The Uncanny Valley of Conversational Interfaces and Its Implications for Business, Consumers, and Society

Chatbots and conversational AI are often the main point of customer contact for many organizations. Because chatbots have the potential to automate interactions and to relieve the need for human interaction, conventional wisdom suggests to design chatbots that mimic humans, that is, to anthropomorphize conversational AI. Across three distinct contexts, the current investigation demonstrates that such strategy may backfire. More specifically, we show that whether humanizing conversational AI is successful or not is goal- and context-dependent. Implications for business but also for society are derived.

Organised by the bdvb Research Institute (Forschungsinstitut des bdvb e.V.), bdvb Cheers & Science is a series of events to discuss relevant academic reasearch in an entertaining and informal setting.

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Active participation and contributions are welcome. For applications please contact: Prof. Philipp A. Rauschnabel, forschungsinstitut@bdvb.de

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